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The Real Housewives of Auckland


S1/EP10 | Aired:
September 22, 2017
In the season finale Dave and Gilda surprise Michelle for her birthday party and our Housewives are all there to join the celebrations. Can they put aside their differences for one night? Unlikely. (45:20)
The Real Housewives of Auckland

Launch Off

S1/EP9 | Aired:
September 16, 2017
Gilda and Dave shop for a very special gift for Michelle and Angela returns to Christchurch to check on her kids. All is not well with the Family Stone but Angela needs to head back to Auckland to launch her book. Just before Gilda launches hers. (00:00)
The Real Housewives of Auckland

You Drive Me Crazy

S1/EP8 | Aired:
September 9, 2017
Tonight, the Wives get behind the wheel for some competitive car racing. Gilda and Anne get more than they bargained for at an art class and Angela opens up to Louise. But will Louise have her back? (44:21)
The Real Housewives of Auckland

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

S1/EP7 | Aired:
September 2, 2017
The Housewives are back in Auckland and regrouping after the fallout in Port Douglas. Michelle takes Anne to a hip hop class - with surprising results. Angela has a very special photo shoot and Julia invites the others to another kind of shoot. (44:22)
The Real Housewives of Auckland

Healing Hands

S1/EP6 | Aired:
August 25, 2017
Tensions are running high following the boat trip and the ladies attempt to navigate the fallout. With Michelle and Julia still not talking to each other, the rest of the group try to resume the holiday. Things are far from sunny in Port Douglas. (44:55)
The Real Housewives of Auckland

Tropic Thunder

S1/EP5 | Aired:
August 18, 2017
Louise has invited the girls on a luxury holiday to Port Douglas. The girls are having lots of fun and new friendships are forming. But on a beautiful boat trip they enter stormy waters when one drops an explosive comment that will change everything. (44:10)

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